10 February → 29 February 2024

Survey work

To inform the Brady Dam design, we need to complete an Aboriginal heritage survey and complete some technical tests. To complete these tasks, Bradys Lake must be drawn down to the normal minimum operating level (NMOL; 646.63 metres Above Sea Level). This equates to a 4.57 m drop and if you're a resident or regular visitor, you'll notice a big difference. This change will also affect Lake Binney and Tungatinah Lagoon. 

The draw down will commence Saturday 10 February 2024 and reach NMOL on 17 Feb. Water levels will be held down until 22 February, after which they'll slowly rise and return to a typical level by 29 February. 

Access to the lakes during the Regatta Day 2024 long weekend will be possible but may be difficult after 12 February. Please be aware of changing conditions and take extra care of your safety.