Dolcoath Road access

    As part of the upcoming program of work, we will be assessing the technical feasibility and public acceptability of using Dolcoath Road as the primary access for the construction phase. 

    If Dolcoath Road is used as the primary construction access route, we may be required to close the road to public access for public safety reasons. We will also be assessing alternative access options in consultation with directly affected landowners.  One alternative option is to construct a new access road on the project site, as shown on the project layout plan. 

    Over the next few months, we will consult with affected landowners and the broader community in relation to site access options.

    Future access to Lake Cethana

    For safety reasons during construction, public access to the western shore of Lake Cethana via Dolcoath Road would be restricted.  Once construction is completed, public access to the western shoreline via Dolcoath Road would be restored.  

    From the start of construction, a new exclusion zone would be created on Lake Cethana around the site of the proposed new intake. This exclusion zone is to protect public safety and will continue to apply once the project is operational.

    Impact on Lake Barrington

    Lake Barrington is an important sport and recreational facility for the local community and residents of broader Tasmania. 

    It is not anticipated that the Cethana project will impact the operation range of Lake Barrington for existing users.

    Impacts on local waterways

    The project would use the existing Lake Cethana as the lower storage.  

    Except for water for the initial filling of the new upper storage, the Cethana project would not take water from the Mersey Forth scheme.

    Jobs and business opportunities

    To ensure local people and local businesses can access project related opportunities, we are developing a Local Content Plan for the project. We look forward to talking with local business operators, registered training organisations, education providers and labour hire companies over the upcoming months about the project, potential opportunities and any ideas to enhance local participation on the project.  

    If you are a business operator who is interested in project opportunities, please use our 'supplier register form' to register your details for future engagement and business opportunities.

    Local benefit sharing

    We are committed to ensuring host communities and directly impacted communities share the benefits from the project. We are keen to hear your ideas on potential investment opportunities as we develop our Local Benefit Sharing Action Plan for the project.  

    Keep an eye on this page for information about our next community drop-in sessions.  

    If you are you an interest group or community organisations interested in discussing benefit sharing ideas, please register your details to be informed of upcoming engagement opportunities or reach out to our Project Team on 1300 360 441 to make a time to meet.