What do the crest gates do?

    The crest gates are a critical part of Meadowbank Power Station. They help manage the level of Lake Meadowbank for users, protect the community against floods and ensure that the power station runs efficiently. 

    Check out the Technical Project Scope for more details.

    Is this project going to affect me?


    For us to do this work safely, Lake Meadowbank will be lowered 2 to 6 metres below its normal level. This may affect your ability to access the lake or its water.

    If you're concerned about how these impacts may affect you, please get in touch with us.

    Will I still be able to fish or water ski on Lake Meadowbank?

    Lake Meadowbank will be lowered between 2 and 6 metres below its normal level during the works.

    Recreational activities can be, by their nature, inherently dangerous. Accordingly we require everyone visiting to our land and waterways to take responsibility for their safety and others and appropriately manage the risks that may exist. During a drawdown, the condition of a lake such as Meadowbank is subject to change and the risk from submerged objects, areas of shallow water or newly exposed mudflats may increase. 

    For safety updates issued by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST), please visit www.mast.tas.gov.au/notices-to-mariners.

    For more information about other Hydro Tasmania destinations, please visit www.hydro.com.au/findasite.

    Why does this work have to be done over the summer months?

    Safety is Hydro Tasmania's number one priority. The safest time to do this work, for our staff and the community, is when the risk of floods is low. 

    This work is complex so it is important that we start early and give ourselves sufficient time to complete before winter arrives.

    Why does Hydro Tasmania have to do this work now?

    The hydraulic cylinders are nearing their end-of-life. The longer this work is delayed, the risk of gate failure increases. In this scenario, the station and surrounding communities would be at significant risk and lake users would face extensive, immediate disruptions while repairs were made.  

    Will water quality be affected by drawing down the lake?


    You may notice that the lake looks muddier than usual because fluctuating water levels can dislodge sediment from the shoreline. This impact is expected to be minimal because we raise and lower the lake level very slowly. As part of our broader environmental monitoring process, water quality will be regularly monitored throughout the project.

    Does Hydro plan on changing the way it manages Lake Meadowbank in the future?

    There is no plan to change the way Lake Meadowbank is managed. 

    Hydro has a right to operate the lake across its full operating range, from 67 to 73.10 metres, to ensure the safe and flexible generation of electricity for Tasmania. Day-to-day, we typically operate the lake within its efficient operating range which is 73.10 to 72.90 metres.

    Between project drawdowns and after the works are complete, you can expect Lake Meadowbank's to return to its typical level. However, it's important you realise that occasionally, the lake will need to be lowered again for dam maintenance or to meet the needs of other lake users.